“Daphne is an amazing personal trainer. She is very motivating, without being annoying. She is incredibly responsible, she was always on time or early for our sessions. I also felt like she cared about me as a person – I can’t believe the tiny details of my life that she remembered!” – Marilyn.

“She really knows what she is talking about when she says exercise lifts your mood. I joined my girl Daphne for a session this evening…and holy moly.. To be totally honest, I wanted to bail on it all day. I am soooo glad I went because after smashing over 600 calories, my mood was completely different” – Amanda

“Daphne has been a tremendous help to me since I started training with her in April this year. After finishing my studies last year, I wanted to build up my fitness & health and improve my competitive sabre fencing. Daphne has enthused about researching my sport to keep my training directly useful – and she knows when to encourage and when to push me! I find that I’ve been enjoying sessions as well as seeing great results.” – Elizabeth Kate Gulland