“The Mood Lifter – project” is all about fitness for mental health. We are NOT focussing on having a certain body fat percentage or how much muscle mass we can get in a certain period of time. It is all about creating a community of like minded people who struggle with anxiety/depression. We want to help you find your happiness through exercise, fall in love with your body and create a happier + healthier lifestyle.



  • WEEKLY WORK OUT VIDEOS – to use at home (no equipment needed) or at the gym





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Welcome to The Mood Lifter!
Everybody knows that physical activity is good for you. Exercise can help reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Research shows that regular exercisers have better mental health, emotional wellbeing and lower rates of mental illness.

For instance, a 2017 exA study published in the General Journal for Psychiatry has shown that 80% of participants receiving treatment in a mental health clinic reported an improvement in general mood and anxiety following physical exercise.

There is mounting evidence that suggests exercise is an effective treatment method for people suffering from acute and chronic mental illness, with some studies suggesting that exercise is just as effective, if not more effective than pharmacological intervention in alleviating depressive symptoms.

I have personally dealt with anxiety and depression and exercise is my meditation/medication.
To learn more about me as a trainer, go to the ‘my story’ page.

Online coaching

Are you too anxious to visit a gym by yourself?
Do you feel overwhelmed with all the information out there?
Do you want to get fit, but unsure where to start?

We are here to help you feel physically and mentally strong!
We offer personalised fitness programs, accountability check-ins and nutritional advice.

Why choose The Mood Lifter (Daphne den Boer) as your online coach?

  • Daphne has been where you are now. She knows how intimidating the fitness industry can be.
  • Daphne writes PERSONALISED fitness programs to suit your needs.
    (No equipment, injuries, home gym etc.)
  • Daphne has set up her own closed FB group where people share their mental health stories. You will be added to this group. There is continuous support from like minded people.
  • Passionate, caring and ready to transform you.



“Daphne is an amazing personal trainer. She is very motivating, without being annoying. She is incredibly responsible, she was always on time or early for our sessions. I also felt like she cared about me as a person – I can’t believe the tiny details of my life that she remembered!” – Marilyn.

“She really knows what she is talking about when she says exercise lifts your mood. I joined my girl Daphne for a session this evening…and holy moly.. To be totally honest, I wanted to bail on it all day. I am soooo glad I went because after smashing over 600 calories, my mood was completely different” – Amanda

“Daphne has been a tremendous help to me since I started training with her in April this year. After finishing my studies last year, I wanted to build up my fitness & health and improve my competitive sabre fencing. Daphne has enthused about researching my sport to keep my training directly useful – and she knows when to encourage and when to push me! I find that I’ve been enjoying sessions as well as seeing great results.” – Elizabeth Kate Gulland